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Holi​day with Heart Charity

43rd Gayla: Sunday, December 6, 2020; Toledo Club


In 1998, after twenty years of simply being a dinner and dance to bring the holiday unity to the LGBT community, the event slowly became a fundraiser for local LGBT causes. With a simple mailing list and a committee of three, no advertising, no media coverage, and no promotion, the event started donating any monies left over after the payment of expenses.

After thirty years of hosting the annual Christmas dinner and dance, the three founders, Ed Hoffman, Dick Flock, and David Hindall, turned the event over to a new committee in 2007. With the new committee in place, the organization became more focused as a fundraiser with an official web site, corporate sponsorships, media coverage, and social media outreach. In 2008, the event was given the official name Holiday with Heart Charity Gayla, and it earned 501(c)3 status as a non-profit organization.

Holiday with Heart is committed to raising funds that directly support the LGBT community of Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan. We try to diversify the organizations that receive our financial support each year. If you or your organization are interested in becoming a beneficiary of the proceeds we earn, please utilize

this form. Once completed, the form can be emailed to Sue Carter, our Beneficiary Application Coordinator. 

Beneficiaries for 2016:

Promise House Project's Street Outreach Program , Toledo School for the Arts Diversity & Inclusion LGBT Initiative, and the Holiday with Heart Foundation.

Past Beneficiaries:

  • 1998, 1999, 2000 - David's House of Compassion
  • 2001 - Lend a Loving Hand
  • 2002, 2003, 2004 - Toledo Area Pride Center
  • 2005 - AIDS Resource Center
  • 2006 - Affirmations of Toledo
  • 2007 - The Safe Schools Project
  • 2008 - HIV Family Center Foundation at UTMC
  • 2009 - HIV Family Center Foundation at UTMC and amFAR
  • 2010 - UT HIV Treatment Center and AIDS Resource Center
  • 2011 - The Toledo Pride Foundation and Dr. Joan Duggan's AIDS Research at UTMC
  • 2012 - The Toledo Pride Foundation, AIDS Resource Center, The Gay and Lesbian Student Endowment Fund at the University of Toledo
  • 2013 - Rainbow Area Youth and the Holiday with Heart Foundation
  • 2014- Mpowerment Toledo, Why Marriage Matters Ohio (Toledo office), and the Holiday with Heart Foundation
  • 2015-Promise House Project, Ryan White Program at UT Medical Center, and the Holiday with Heart Foundation
  • 2016- Toledo School for the Arts LGBT Inclusion Program, Promise House Project Street Outreach program, Holiday with Heart Foundation
  • 2017- The University of Toledo LGBTQA Initiative, "Sweet Dreams" funding the Ann Wayson Locher Fund at UTMC, and the Holiday with Heart Fund at the Toledo Community Foundation.