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The Holiday wit​h Heart Foundation

Holiday with Heart Charity Gayla has established a fund within the Greater Toledo Community Foundation, an organization to help us with our philanthropic interests. The Greater Toledo Community Foundation oversees all the bookwork, tax reporting, and investment activity. GTCF also restricts fund disbursement amounts to maintain its financial integrity. This is a donor advised fund, meaning the Holiday with Heart board is the sole entity responsible for how the money is spent. This fund provides a long term grant source for the local LGBTQ+ community. Disbursements from the foundation will be made from income derived from the investment. Since there is no maximum monetary limit, the hope is that there will be continual growth of the principle. As the fund grows, there will be more interest available for distribution.

The Holiday with Heart Foundation balance, as of December 1, 2021, is $161,200.

Lifetime contributions to the fund are $121,200.

The current spendable balance of the fund is $6,300.

Lifetime grants issued from the fund are $32,000.

Remember, you can make a tax deductible contribution to the foundation at anytime by clicking on the button below.
Once at the Greater Toledo Community Foundation site, scroll to the bottom of the page, and search for the:

Holiday with Heart Fund

Donate Here

The Foundation Fellows

To encourage frequent and perpetual giving, the Holiday with Heart Foundation Fellows program was created. Every donor that contributes a cumulative $1,000 will be recognized as a Fellow. The Holiday with Heart Board holds periodic recognition events for the Fellows. We thank each of our Fellows for their generosity and support of the Holiday with Heart mission.

Matthew Beckstein

Jeni Belt

David Bingham

Thomas Fahlstrom

John & Patti Gallagher

Ed Hoffman

Tammy Holder

Jack Howard

Craig Jablonski

Edward Kettinger

Andrew Larsen

Charlotte Smith

Justin Snyder

Premier Dental

Foundation Memorials & Honorariums

In Memory.

Richard "Dick" Flock

John "Jack" Devany

Lloyd "Skip" Perkins

William Gillespie

Doc Longeway

David Mayhew

Arthur "Art" Howard

Jeffrey Long

Michelle Dare

Richard "Rick" Johnston

Pat Abraham

John White

Larry Murdock

Dennis Boetcher

In Honor.

Dr. Wayne North

David Bingham

Wayne North & David Bingham's Wedding

Wayne North & David Bingham's Anniversary

Billy Mann

Rick Cornett

Ed Hoffman

Kennyetta White

Steve Maenle

Brendan Brophy & Steven Fischer's Wedding

Neil Koplitz & Brian O'Connor's Engagement

Neil Koplitz & Brian O'Connor's Marriage

Michael Craig & JC Jarvis' Marriage